Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks

Fluke Network Tester and Monitoring Solutions

A group company of Danaher, Fluke Networks is a world-leader in network test and monitoring solutions which are used to accelerate the deployment of networks and applications.
Fluke Networks’ products are renowned for solving the toughest issues and emerging challenges in data centers, mobility, and unified communications and WLAN security.
Some of the most recognized products are DSX CableAnalyzer for media testing, OptiView Network Analyzer for monitoring and analysis, AirMagnet for wireless network assurance, and TruView for network & application analysis.
  • DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer™
  • OptiFiber® Pro OTDR
  • DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer Kit
  • CableIQ Qualification Tester
  • Pro3000™ Analog Tone and Probe
  • Modular Crimper
  • LinkRunner™ AT Network Auto-Tester
  • MicroMapper™
  • Intellitone Pro 200 Toner and Probe Kit
  • Fluke Networks AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester
  • OneTouch AT Network Assistant
  • Fluke millimeter

Fluke Networks Certified Cabling Test Technicians

Freshly certified technicians with knowledge of the latest offerings from Fluke, are here with us now!
The completely renewed Certification program from Fluke brings in a fresh batch of certified technicians who are available with us at your behest. They not only ensure good workmanship but also increase your profitability.
These days it is tough to find qualified network personnel and testers. With advancements in copper and fiber cabling technology, one needs to train and certify existing employees to stay competitive in the installation and certification of high-speed structured cabling systems. Also, it is a fact that users only superficially know the instruments they are using. As a result they do not fully utilize the capabilities of the instruments to increase profitability.  
Our technicians are directly certified from Fluke Networks and are authorized to provide dedicated and excellent trainings. The training programs will not only improve installer skills, but also their effectiveness and productivity on the job in project management, testing, certifying, troubleshooting and documenting cabling systems. 
This will prove that they understand and can apply the knowledge gained in the right direction improving the ROI tremendously, also giving your company the competitive edge to work smarter by preventing common mistakes while growing the business.
So don’t delay. Start investing in our products and automatically makes you eligible to our wide network of expertise of handling equipment the right way and gain free training with the much needed professional streak for today’s competitive times.

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